Our company entered into Vietnam in December 2011 in pursuit of talented young personnel in order to utilize the company’s technological capabilities developed over 50 years since the founding of the parent company, Kawachi Kinzoku Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Vietnam is an energetic country with a huge amount of potential.
We intend to create a new company through collaboration with our Vietnamese personnel at the parent company, utilizing their top-level technical skills to act as trainers for the newly graduated candidates who have no practical experience.
Although all the manufacturing employees have graduated from engineering schools at universities and have no experience, their abilities are increasing day by day.
Production will be ordered by our parent company for the time being, however, we will proceed with global management in the market channel of the economic zone centered in Southeast Asia in the future.
The company will also be aiming for management from the perspective of environmental conservation with the objectives of providing stable lifestyles for our employees while contributing to society.

Company Name
Kawakin Co.,Ltd.

Nov. 2011

Kotaro Oka

Loot B2-2C Long Hau Industrial Park, Long Hau Commune
Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam.
Phone. +84 8 3781 8794  Fax. +84 8 3781 8795

Number of Employees
21 People(Figures for jul. 2012)


Bangkok Bank, HD Bank

Corporate History
Mar. 2011: Inspection tours to Vietnam start
Nov. 2011: Company established
Feb. 2012: Production starts

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