Almost ten years have passed since we consolidated our manufacturing plants in the Tsuda Science Hills in 2005.
Since then we have been striving to deliver products that meet the needs of our customers each and every day.
We branched out our business operations into Vietnam as a part of our globalization effort in December of 2011.
We consider that to be one of the outcomes of providing peace of mind and happiness to our employees and their families in their lives together with the company, as we explore ways to stabilize and secure our company every day, as stipulated by our basic policy.
Any problem that arises is shared as much as possible among everyone in the company as we seek ways to resolve it through efforts carried out by the company as whole, without ever giving up.
In order to achieve that, we are constantly considering ways to improve our technological capabilities, as well as to accumulate and share know-how in our continuous pursuit of "quality", "delivery time" and "cost" to deliver products that offer satisfaction to our customers.
We always consider taking prompt action when an idea is conceived in a variety of processes, perform corrections immediately when a defect arises, and share experiences and knowledge throughout the company. We do not become complacent when good results are attained, but instead link such successes to our next accomplishments, and continue such efforts to drive the progress of our company.
The company will be having its 60th anniversary in 2017.
We will be concentrating our efforts to nurture each and every one of our employees so that this company passed down to us from our predecessors can be passed on to the next generation, strive for further advancement of our company, pursue happiness for our employees and their families, and promote our contributions to society.

Kotaro Oka

Basic policy
With the growth development of the company,
we pursue the happy life of an employee and the family.

Management concept
Reliance & Harmony

Quality policy
Quality trusted by the customer

Quality targets
We stand united as one in efforts to improve the quality of, and ensure zero defects in our products.
"Reduce the number of complaints to half in comparison with the previous year."
"Reduce the process defects to half in comparison with the previous year."
Aim to build a quality management system that is in line with ISO9001.
By setting targets for the fiscal year and through activities involving the participation of all members, each department strives to make continuous improvements.

We guarantee that the work we provide will gain the trust of our customers.
We will respond to the increasingly segmentalized and advancing needs in the future,
not only through the training of personnel and the acquisition of technologies but also by installing the latest machinery facilities.
Designed to improve the quality of our products day in and day out, our quality assurance framework is comprised of such features as three dimensional measuring instruments,
roundness and cylindricity measuring instruments, as well as surface roughness measuring instruments.

Company Name
Kawachi Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

2-3-1, Tsudayamate Hirakata City, Osaka 573-0128, Japan
Phone. 81-72-808-3331
Fax. 81-72-808-3350

Date of Inauguration
1 Mar. 1957

Date of Establishment
16 Jan. 1963

Capital Stock
Yen 37,800,000

Representative Director: Mitsuko Uekawa
chairperson: Shogo Uekawa
Senior Vice President: Daijiro Oka

Number of Employees
50 People

Resona Bank, Moriguchi Branch
Kyoto Bank, Tsuda Branch

Main Customers
Panasonic Corporation
AVC Networks Company
Panasonic Appliances Company
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Production Technology Co., Ltd.
Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.
Osada Group
Keihin Corporation
Konica Minolta Opto Products Co., Ltd.
Tateyama Kagaku Group
Techno Associe Co., Ltd.
Disco Corporation
NIchia Corporation
NIppon Kagaku Yakin Co., Ltd.
Nidec Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.
Minebea Co., Ltd.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.
Olympus Corporation
etc... approximately 200 Customers

Corporate History
Mar. 1957: Founded as a lathing company in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture.
Oct. 1960: High-speed precision cam-type automatic lathes introduced for business scale expansion.
Jan. 1963: Trading commenced with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. / Business incorporated.
Apr. 1963: Headquarters relocated to Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture.
Sep. 1968: CNC automatic lathes installed for the production of highly precise and complex products.
Jan. 1984: Operations commenced at the Hirakata Factory with upgraded machining facilities.
Mar. 1984: Machining Center introduced.
Mar. 1986: Voluntary quality assurance system established and QIG certification from Matsushita Electric Industrial received.
Aug. 1996: Operations commenced at Hirakata Factory No.2 and the Machining Center relocated from headquarters.
Aug. 1996: Inter-process operations rationalized and lead time shortened.
Dec. 2004: Received ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 2005: Operations commenced at New Headquarters Factory located in Tshuda Science Hills, Hirakata City.
Mar. 2011: Inspection tours to Vietnam start
May. 2011: Received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
Nov. 2011: Company established (Kawakin)
Feb. 2012: Production starts (Kawakin)

Business Outline
"We are very particular and take pride in creating products from rough raw material"
The romance of the manufacturing industry is found in creating diverse forms from blocks of raw material.
The creation of diverse forms from pieces of raw material is at the heart of the manufacturing industry.
Our meticulousness and the pride we take in our products guarantees their quality.
Our unique proprietary technologies are a response to the need for diversification and high precision.
Our satisfaction lies in seeing all these come together in a package that receives our clients' approval.

"From prototyping to mass production"
Our facilities are capable of handling anything from single prototyping to mass production.
We can also provide rapid estimates and same-day shipping services.
Our 24-hour operations make it possible for us to offer low prices and to meet stringent delivery deadlines for bearing bushes and housings.
We use three dimensional measuring instruments, for roundness, cylindricity, surface roughness, etc. to guarantee absolute high quality.
Inspection data sheets can be provided on request.

"Reliability born of technology"
Bearing bushes for fan motors.
Parts for three-dimensional measuring instruments, semiconductor production, optical instruments and facilities, etc.

"Reliability supported by a dependable outsourcing network"
Wiring, electrical discharge machining
Laser machining / Grinding
Lapping processes
Different surface treatments
A range of heat treatments